This is a home based business with several capabilities.

But, just who am I?

I am a US Navy veteran from the Viet Nam area. I was an 1st class petty officer (E6), T4 division LPO and space supervisor of Aft Guidance. My specialty was Long Range Missile guidance, the Talos system. When I left the navy in 1978 my ship, the USS Chicago CG11, had 11 consecutive battle E's for best in the fleet in missilery. No other ship in the navy can make that claim, not even the new Ages equipped ships.

I was a development Engineer for Hughes Aircraft Company from 1978 to 1987. I was involved in satellite ground systems and part of the team that proved Ku band digital television would work. It is now known as DSS, DirecTv, and Dish Network. HughesNet is an offspring.

From 1987 to 91 I was R&D manager for Luftmeister Inc., a BMW motorcycle performance shop. There, I developed turbo charging systems and laptop programmable fuel injection systems and set 2 Bonneville land speed records in the process (as crew chief).

In 1991, I moved back home to Great Falls, MT. After some fill in service manager jobs, I became a Network Programmer for Simplex Time Recorder with a NICET Engineering Certification in Networked fire alarm system design.

I am now a retiered network administrator on security, video, and medical refrigerator telemetry systems and am AAMI certified in bio-medical systems (Clinical Engineer) at the local hospital..

I've been in web design on the side  sense 1995 using Front Page and Expression Web 4.

Commercial Pilot with the following ratings: Airplane, single engine, land, high performance airplane, instrument airplane. 1981

I've been involved in drag racing in Montana since 1992, and am currently the track systems manager (track geek) for the hi-line drag strip. an IHRA Division 6 track, and the fastest track in Montana.

Yes, I'm a practicing, card carrying geek and gear-head.

How can I put these talents to work for you?
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